Carpet Cleaners of Ottawa Stain Removal


An over the counter solvent or detergent is normally used in removing any stain from a fabric. A stain that has become chemically bonded to the fabric is considered to have set and can’t be removed without damage. Solvents can be used to break the stain free but caution needs to be exercised in that the wrong solvent can destroy a carpet as easily as it might clean it. It would be a shame to turn a localized stain into a big smear just because some simple steps weren’t observed. With a dark color, the wrong solvent might dissolve the dye and leave a light spot or damage the fibers themselves. A fine wall-to-wall carpet would be a great candidate for contacting a carpet cleaners of Ottawa professional. Another issue to consider is whether the stain was caused by a combination of substances, a redwood tinted oil-based fence paint would stain with both the oil and the pigment used to make it red.

After the initial blotting of a fresh spill, use warm water in a misting spray bottle to re-wet the area. Being careful not to over-wet to the point of smearing, perform a second and possibly even a third round of wetting then blotting as needed.

A dash of any non-bleach detergent combined with warm water should be the next step in a gradual increase of harshness. Of course, any solution needs to be tested in an inconspicuous place to make sure the carpet doesn’t incur further damage. Moisten a clean white cloth with the solution and simply lay it on top of the stain. To effectively work the solution into the carpet, start at the outside and make your way inward in a spiral to keep the stain from spreading. Use the bottom of a metal tablespoon to lightly press on the cloth in forcing the solution into the carpet fibers without smearing the stain around. Go through the same cycle using the cleaning solution until the stain is gone, then go back to misting water as a rinse. Place a dish towel or paper towel over the newly cleaned area, then place a plastic covered heavy book on top and leave it overnight since this drying method lifts out the deep stains. If a carpet cleaners of Ottawa company was never contacted and the carpet has been destroyed, you can always cut out a square around the stain to use as a template for cutting a replacement from under the couch. It’s recommended that a carpet repair professional performs this procedure.