Pet Urine and Odor Removal Services

We love our pets, and they love us too. But sometimes our pets have issues containing themselves and urinate on the carpet, sofa, or our beds.

Once your pet has urinated on these surfaces it can be very difficult to remove the smell as well as the actual urine as well. In fact if you don’t have the right products and equipment, it can be next to impossible. Here’s why…


Urine follows gravity and will continue to soak deep into the under pad of your carpets and the cushioning in your upholstered furniture or mattress. As it soaks into the padding it will level out and spread, so even the spot on the top of your carpet may seem small it is actually much larger that it appears. Sort of like an iceberg if you will. So even if you clean the surface area and it appears clean, you are only really scratching the surface of the problem.

The other issue with pet urine is the fact that there are many blood-borne pathogens in it and if it isn’t neutralized, these pathogens will continue to grow and thrive in your carpet and upholstery so it is of the utmost importance to get this issue under control as quickly as possible by calling an Ottawa carpet cleaning expert with the proper equipment and products to effectively sanitize the carpets and neutralize both the odour as well as the waste products as well.

Eco-Pro Carpet Cleaning is Ottawa’s leading expert in pet stain removal as well as we are certified odor control professionals. We use Vaportek products for odor control that are both extremely safe as well as very effective.

In addition to animal based odors, we also remove tobacco smoke smell with our smoke removal services packages. We have products that will completely neutralize the smoke odors and nicotine in the carpets as well as in the walls, ceilings and cracks and crevices. We can literally turn a smoked in room into a non-smoking room with our process. It’s that effective.

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